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Welcome to the Grinnell Local Foods Coop!

Farmers access their accounts through a separate farmer login page.


Welcome to the Grinnell Local Foods Coop!

March 2014 orders open Friday, February 28, close Friday, March 7, and distribution will take place on Thursday, March 13


New members may create an account and place an order by following the link in the upper right corner. You may place an order your first month without paying the membership fee. If you would like to continue ordering from the Coop you will be asked to pay a membership fee at your second pick-up. (see pickup information for more details). We charge a 2.5% handling fee on all orders, which helps cover Coop costs.

Membership Fees

Students - $5 annual. Community Members - $10 annual. Lifetime - $25 refundable

E-mail List

After you have signed up on the website, please send an e-mail to with the subject line "Add to e-mail list". Otherwise, you will not be on our e-mail list and you will not receive announcements about orders!

Questions or comments? Send us an email!

If you are not on our email list, contact coordinators at

About the Coop

Support local farmers, local economy, and environmental sustainability by purchasing quality food grown right here in central Iowa. The Grinnell Local Foods Coop connects you to farmers, making it convenient for you to buy fresh, local, sustainably grown foods. In our monthly orders, we offer everything our farmers have in season: produce, grains, honey, herbs, certified Organic products and more!

How to Order

If you'd like to order, simply create an account. We will notify you via email when the website is open for orders. Then you can log in to your account and select the items you'd like to purchase. Once we collect the fresh produce from our farmers, we'll notify you again and you can come and pick up your food at the Grinnell Local Foods Coop located behind Main Hall on the southeast corner of campus.

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Herbs, Spices & Seeds
Honey & Jams
Tea & Beverages